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"Living Conditions." Best of PlayGround 22 (May 10 - 27, 2018)

About Me

A lover of hybrid genres and adaptations to new forms, I write the unexpected into everyday life. My favorite stories are character-centric and fuse the drama of reality with the comedy of the surreal. 


I write across forms in stage & screen, fiction, and poetry. My plays have been performed for the Hollywood Fringe, PlayGround, PianoFight's ShortLived series, and more. I am also a playwright-in-residence with PlayGround San Francisco, the leading playwright incubator to launch writers into the national space, and have been awarded Audience Choice multiple times for my short plays. My fiction and poetry have been published in apt, Underground Voices, Jersey Devil Press, and Badlands Lit. I have a Master's in Professional Writing with emphasis in Stage and Screen from the University of Southern California, and a Bachelor's in English with Emphasis in Creative Writing from the University of California, Irvine.​

Outside of writing, I strive to amplify other voices and build platforms for emerging writers. As a producer, I pride myself as a creative collaborator, problem-solver, and practical optimist. As a member of the Editorial Board of Exposition Review, a multi-genre digital literary journal, I have supported the publication and payment of 40-50 writers per year as well as produced staged readings, podcast episodes, and publishing workshops for teens. 

Let's Connect: 

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"A Feminist Revisionist History of Rosemary's Baby." Best of PlayGround 23 (May 9 - 26, 2019)

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