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A lover of hybrid genres and adaptations to new forms, I write the unexpected into everyday life. My stories are character-centric and fuse the drama of reality with the comedy of the surreal.

Like This...
Sketch Arrow 2
  • The Bramford

    Through recreating the iconic horror Rosemary’s Baby under the magical roof of the Bramford apartment, neighbors Gloria and Betty unknowingly bring the characters of the novel–Rosemary, Guy, and Satan–to life.

  • Living Conditions

  • A woman hires a psychic to connect to spirits on the other side, but can she face the consequences of what waits for her?


As a producer, I pride myself as a creative collaborator, problem-solver, and practical optimist. 

  • While You Were In Quarantine (Writer/Producer)

  • While You Were In Quarantine is a live, hybrid-interactive Zoom romantic comedy all about finding love in quarantine. Our production was sold-out in February 2021 with a mix of tech using edited footage with live audience interaction. All ticket sales supported the LA Regional Food Bank & Miracles For Kids.

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