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90 minutes: 3 F, 2 M

Through recreating the iconic horror Rosemary’s Baby under the magical roof of the Bramford apartment, neighbors Gloria and Betty unknowingly bring the characters of the novel–Rosemary, Guy, and Satan–to life. With this power, what else in the Bramford might be waiting to come to life?

The Bramford is an experimental, dramedy adaptation of Rosemary's Baby and explores the intersection of three women in one apartment: Gloria, Betty, and Rosemary. Characters are loosely inspired by Gloria Steinman and Betty Friedman, along with the 1960s women's movement.


THE BRAMFORD was developed PlayGround programs, including the Monday Night Series. Watch a clip of "A Feminist Revisionist History of Rosemary's Baby", the very beginnings of THE BRAMFORD's inception from Best of PlayGround 23.

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